free play

One of the most important parts of childhood is free play, inside and outside. Children learn through playing, observing, and interacting with the world around them, at their own freewill. 

The simplest of activities, like playing with blocks, can teach children early math skills, science, and encourages language, fine motor skills, patience, problem solving skills, and so much more. 

Playing outside, exploring nature, can benefit children in so many ways including emotionally, cognitively, developmentally and so much more. Letting children play in nature also benefits the world as they will grow up with an appreciation for nature and fight to keep it.

Motherhood can be overwhelming. The ever changing parenting struggles. The endless amounts of housework. Trying to feed healthy meals while dealing with picky eaters. Then add in trying to make sure everyone is getting enough exercise. And we are expected to do all of it with no experience, while we try to keep our cool. 

The best way to get through it, is together and support each other along the way. Getting tips from other moms who have dealt with the same issues can be super helpful. It’s also nice to just hear that someone else is going through the same thing as you.

Backyard homesteading can look different for everyone. For me personally, homesteading looks like raised garden beds full of vegetables. There’s a row of raspberries and blueberries planted amongst the garden. 

We started canning and freeze bags and bags of berries each year. We added ducks to our backyard homestead and get eggs on the daily. They provide us with pest control and fertilizer as they explore and search the gardens for bugs. 

For others it could be container gardening on apartment patios. Buying local organic produce and preserving it. Or raising your own meat + dairy.

Homesteading is not a place or type of property, its a lifestyle.