A Few Words

About Me


A Few Words About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog ECE Homestead. My name is Andrea and I currently reside on Vancouver Island, Canada and have a backyard homestead.

I have been working in childcare as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) for the past 15+ years, have two young children and have started following my dream of becoming a homesteader.

child husking corn

A little more about me

Being outdoors and raising our children in a rural environment is one of my and my husband’s top priorities. My husband grew up in the city, but with a large family of farmers – pig farmers, sheep farmers, cow farmers, and even organic fruit farmers. 

I also grew up in the city (with no farming background) yet always felt like I belonged in the country, away from the busyness and in a place where you know your neighbours and can see millions of stars at night. A place where we can grow (and raise) some of our own food. 

Although we do not currently have a large space, we have enough to raise a couple ducks/ chickens to provide us with free range eggs on a daily basis. We built a fenced in garden in our front yard to grow fresh as much of our food as we can.

Do you know what the best part of all of it is? Our children are being raised and taught in a sustainable lifestyle. From a very young age they are being encouraged to help and ask questions. They are being taught how to help repair and respect the earth; how our actions today will benefit us tomorrow, next year, or 10 years from now. 

When children are taught about sustainability at a young age it teaches them gratitude and respect for the earth. It gives them real world skills that will benefit them and the future generations.

 It has been shown that children who grow up being exposed to nature continue to have a love for it later in life. Those children and adults who have a love and appreciation for nature are the ones that will fight to keep it, as well as for natural and sustainable resources.

Along with learning life long skills, children gain many benefits from just being outdoors. Yet the general population is spending more and more time indoors, in front of screens.

Here at ECE Homestead you will find information on raising backyard poultry for eggs or meat. There are posts on simple gardening tips to help you start your own garden, even with limited space. You will have access to various play based learning activities for your children to explore, as well as ways to get them outside and enjoy it.

toddler playing in the dirt with plant pots